Thursday, October 6, 2016

Waldemar Verdi Catcher in The Rye

Holden's Blogpost

I choose to do a diary entry because then I could compare my experience to Holden's in first person as he does as well. I wanted it to be very similar to Holden's experience and also point out what was different. This is why I chose to write it in first person, when I was writing my diary entry I could relate a lot to Holden, more than I expected. For example my roommate in boarding school, he was very similar to Ackley, even though Ackley wasn't Holden's roommate I still made a connection between them and compared them. For you who is reading this, do you think I should have written it in first person or made I a third person narrative? Do you think the similarities between my experience and Holden's are very alike or anybody in boarding school would have experienced the same things.

[Thursday, January 7, 2016]
        It's a cold New York winter, my parents are driving me to school for the first time, I am really nervous. I don't know anybody yet and don't know how things are going to workout. Boarding school is not a very nice place to be in, especially when you go after you are 15 years old. I went to boarding school when I was 16, just like Holden Caulfield. When I got there, it wasn't a very welcoming place. I opened the door to the CWB (which was the main building) and walked over to the gym. It was separated in small groups of people; the americans, the chinese, and the europeans. They didn't mix up much with others. I could understand the feeling of being alienated and having no friends, even though our reasons were clearly different. I never felt this in my life, at Graded I knew everybody. So I went back to meet my parents and the principal for a tour around the school. When we finished it was dinner time, I ate fast and the it was time to go to the dorms. When I go to my dorm, I was sleeping with a kid who just moved from China and didn't even know how to speak English, it was horrible. He had no hygiene whatsoever, took a shower every OTHER day, left his dirty toothbrush on top of the sink, and never flushed the toilet. He was almost as nasty as Ackley is described in the novel. I could only go through the night knowing that in the morning I would go to Manhattan to stay with my family.
[Monday, January 11, 2016]
        I woke up 6:00am, said bye to my parents because they had a flight to Brazil at night and hopped in the Jitney for the second day of school, because I had a long two hour ride to the Hamptons. It was my first official day of school, from 8am to 4pm. During the ride, I kept thinking to myself "what have I done? My life was perfect in Brazil". I got there, the classes were much different to Graded. They were shorter, more people, and the teacher didn't help you or ask questions, he just kept talking for 45 minutes. 1pm the bell rang, it was lunch time. Everybody ran to the lunch hall to get food, to get in the cafeteria you had to take out your shoes and put on what they called "slippers". I stayed in line for 10 minutes since it was the whole school getting food at once and I didn't know anybody to cut in line. When I got to the front of the line, I got a slice of pizza, really different from what they served at Graded. To be honest, that was the only change I actually liked.
[Friday, January 15, 2016]
        On the sixth day, I wasn't taking it anymore; all I wanted to do was go back to how stuff were in the past. Everything was different, the language, the school, my friends, the place I slept. I don't like changes, especially a big one like this one, and in the novel I noticed that Holden didn't like changes as well. Holden went to the Museum of Natural History because he said "everything always stayed right where it was". On Friday I was going to go to New York to spend the weekend by myself. At least I would stay in our apartment, which we had for many years, something that hasn't a change. It is on 65th and Park Avenue, a few blocks away from where Holden meets his parents on 71st and Fifth Avenue. I was so happy when I got there, to see everything how it was before, it made me remember about how my life was when I use to live in Brazil and every January we use to come here after we skied in Aspen. It makes me feel much more comfortable when I am here.
[Thursday, February 4, 2016]
        It was already the fifth week of school. I had gone to Manhattan every weekend to distract myself from the school. At one point it started to get pretty boring, because I was all alone in a big city, so I just stayed home watch movies pretty much. My grandparents come to visit me every 2 months, but still, it gets kind of lonely.  I made two Brazilians in these weeks who were my “friends", I wasn’t too close to them but I spent most of the time with them because I had nobody else to stay with during my free time. It was similar to Holden’s relationship with Ackley. Except the fact that they weren’t nasty and clipped their toenails in front of me. Going back to the story, on this day it was Carnaval in Brazil, and some friends of mine went to New York City to spend a week. I hadn’t seen any actual friends or family for 20 days. So I decided to skip Friday and go to Manhattan on Thursday. But I knew my mother wouldn’t allow that, and I couldn’t just go without my mom calling the school or sending an email. So I have the Principal’s phone number to my friend and told him to call her pretending it was my mom. He didn’t have a women’s voice so he told his sister to call, and it worked. So as soon as school ended on Thursday I got the 3:40 Jitney to Manhattan without my parents knowing. I couldn’t sleep at my house because then she would know, so I stayed for the night at my friend’s hotel, and then I went to my apartment at 5pm on Friday.
This task shows my understanding of Holden's alienation and relationship with others students, and compares myself to him. The purpose of this task is to show how I could relate to and understand Holden.  First of all, the feeling of alienation, that he can't connect to anybody. Then I also wanted to point out the fact that he didn't like changes, he didn't want to grow up and didn't want to change anything. This is what I can most connect to Holden. While I was in boarding school, everything was new.  My room, my teachers, my friends, and all I wanted was for everything to go back to normal. I choose to do a diary entry about my experience in boarding school and compare to Holden's. I choose a diary entry because I could explain more vividly how my experience was and I could separate the event by days. I want to explain what makes my experience in boarding school and away from my parents similar to Holden and what isn't the same. I will do that by using the points that I listed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WaldemarVerdi_Desenvolvimento de Core Value_Primeiro Semestre

Eu escolhi o core value curioso porque eu sempre estou interessado no assunto da aula e querendo saber a mais do que está acontecendo. Nesta sociedade de hoje, é muito importante você ser curioso por que tem que ter gente para se interessar pelo os problemas da sociedade correr atrás para consertar.
Eu continuo sendo curioso por que eu me interesso muito pela a materia e vou atrás para ficar sabendo mais do que está acontecendo. Eu não consigo ficar sem saber o que vai acontecer depois e o porque das coisas que acontece. É por isso que eu sou curioso e nunca vou parar de ser. Por que naturalmente é uma parte de mim querer saber a mais do que está acontecendo.
Se agente tivesse mais pessoas curiosas no mundo, nós iríamos progredir bem mais. Pelo fato que as pessoas se interessariam mais pelas coisas e fariam trabalhos com mais efficiencia. Alémd disso, as pessoas se dedicariam mais ao seus empregos e trabalhos, se interessariam em problemas da sociedade, problemas que estão acontecendo no mundo.

Para concluir eu acho que ser curioso é uma coisa muito boa para a nossa geração. Eu acho que deveria ter mais pessoas curiosas no mundo porque iam se resolver mais problemas por conta da vontade das pessoas de correr atrás deles.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Waldemar Verdi Analise Musica do Brasil

Análise "Alegria, Alegria" Caetano Veloso

   A musica "Alegria, Alegria" do Caetano Veloso é uma musica do ano de 1967. Ela usa ironia para o que acontecia no dia a dia de Caetano Veloso e de outros naquela época da Ditadura Militar. A letra da musica está criticando o abuso de poder e das condições dos politicos. E também a desvantagem do povo na época da ditadura militar por causa de falta de educação, cultura, e a condição financeira deles.
    Outra coisa que a musica quer mostrar para o leitor é que no tempo da ditadura militar as pessoas era bombardeias com influencias. Como mostra aqui nesses trechos embaixo, falando "ela pensa em casamento e eu nunca fui à escola".

"Em caras de presidentes
Em grandes beijos de amor
Em dentes, pernas, bandeiras
Bomba e brigitte bardot
O sol nas bancas de revista
Me enche de alegria e preguiça
Quem lê tanta notícia
Eu vou"

"Ela pensa em casamento
E eu nunca mais fui à escola
Sem lenço, sem documento,
Eu vou"

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Health Quesitons

1. How has your knowledge and understanding of drugs** changed since you have participated in this health course?

**Drugs Unit: (Use and abuse of Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana, Meth, Heroin, Cocaine, Tranquilizers, LSD, mushrooms, Opium, Morphine, addiction, short-term and long-term effects of drugs, changes in relationships and lifestyles, drug laws)

2.  How has your knowledge and understanding of STDs and contraception**changed since you have participated in this health course?

**Reproductive Health Unit:   (Different types of STDs, how to do STD testing, different types of contraception, how to use them, how to put on a condom, etc.) 

3. How has your knowledge and understanding of relationships**, changed since you have participated in this health course? 

**Relationships Unit: (Healthy/unhealthy/abusive relationships, stress, depression, choices in sexual relationships, age of consent, coercion, keeping things cool, pressures for sex, being ready or not for a sexual relationship, recognizing abusive behavior, sexual assault, date rape drugs). 

4. Choose one core value and explain how it represents your learning in the HS health course.

5.  What have you most enjoyed about this course?

Blog Post



It is not only athletes that may abuse anabolic steroids, but there are many rumors about famous Hollywood stars using anabolic steroids, to look more stronger and larger.

After reading the article, answer the following questions:

1) Why do you think Hollywood actors are tempted to use anabolic steroids?
To look good, because there is a lot of strong and good looking people in Hollywood. And they want to be better than the other actors so they can do more movies and have more fame.
2) The article talks about that fans will never really know if their favourite actors use steroids (in fact, only the actor, their doctor and maybe their publicist, would know the truth).  Why do you think the actor does not admit publicly that they may be using steroids?
Because first of all, it is illegal. Second they want to make an image that they worked hard for these muscles and to get strong and they are natural, third and final reason is because they might think there fans will not like them anymore if they use steroids.

3)  How do you think the image of large muscled men who perhaps are steroid users, can influence the body image of teen guys watching the movies and TV shows? (Think of the actors in Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Game of thrones, etc.).
That they are cool and strong and they match the character. They also may use these character as role models and they want to be just like them.
4) Do you think the image of large muscled men, changes what society expects men to look like? Does this place pressure on men to look big? ("Manorexia", as the article calls it), does it exist?
Yes, because in the movie when they are strong it seems more good things happen to them and more ladies are attracted to them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Romeo & Juliet Current Event Connection

1) Pick a news article from 2014-2015 which relates to some of the topics in Romeo & Juliet.'Modern-day-Romeo-and-Juliet',-Blood,-opens-at-The-Belgrade-130399.html
2) Link this article to your blog and write a brief summary of the article (1-2 paragraphs).  

3) Explain why you think the article relates to Romeo & Juliet. 
        These two lovers are very similar to Romeo and Juliet's love story. They have much in common including their difference of ethnic group. People say they can't be with one another because they are from different parts of South Asia.

DUE: April 26 (Sunday) by 4pm (16:00) posted to your blog. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Rap Português

Waldemar Verdi
10 de Abril 2015
Bloco Colsato
Português 9
Bloco 6
A Sociedade

Aqui é o Brasil,um país cheio de pobreza,injustiçae desigualdade social.É parecido, só que é diferente. Aqui tem os mano da quebrada que não tem o que comer, mas também tem o playboy que cospi no prato. Tem o pobre trabalhador, mas que recebe o salário minimo. E também tem o traficante bandido millonário.