Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PE Blog 2

  • What decisions and actions impact the success of an individual and/or group in different physical activities?
       The decisions that you make effect a lot you and others playing the sport in the same time. You have to collaborate with your team by passing the ball or correcting what they do wrong to improve as a team. This way you will be successful in PE class. Examples of actions in PE in softball that would make you successful are, running to the base to make plays and points. Hitting the ball hard with the bat when you pitch. Communicating with peers to mark the bases. To make smooth and accurate passes to tag someone out. 

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  1. Waldemar, you made some good connections to the actions you saw students take. Making good decisions and taking the appropriate actions will most definitely affect the success of a team. From what you saw during our softball game, communication among teammates in order to get the opposing player out or to score a run is extremely important to be successful. Remember to do the same when you are participating in different physical activities.