Wednesday, August 20, 2014

PE Blog Post

Health 9
Waldemar Verdi
Block 4
Blog post
What is physical and health literacy?
     To be successful in PE you need a good and healthy physical condition. To have endurance and to exel at the sport. You need to have the motor skills in able to do the physical activities neccesary. And to be health literate you need to be aware of how to do the sport without hurting yourself, and not pushing too far to things you are not physical capable of doing. Also doing the correct movement to not bend or break any bones.

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  1. Good Waldemar. You made some careful connections to what it means to physical and health literate. I wonder, what actions did see you in class that helped students develop their understanding of physical and health literacy? Could you give some specific examples? I wonder, what actions will you take develop and maintain your physical health and literacy? Next time, include a photo of our class demonstrating some of these skills and concepts in order to add meaning to what you wrote. Please include the following labels: PE, Grade 9 (or 9th Grade)