Monday, October 6, 2014

Hobbes vs. Locke

Waldemar Verdi

Social Studies

Block 3 

Prompt: Hobbes has pessimistic view of human nature.  After going through the Prisoner’s Dilemma game, what do you think of your decisions during it?  What did you find yourself motivated by: Winning? Distrust? Or a desire for everyone to succeed?

     I think my decisions during it were based on my desire for winning. I wanted us to win the cake and I didn't care about them. It was very different from there way of playing, they wanted for both of us to get the cake so they tried to keep putting blue for us both to get +3 points. Hobbes was more like us, he had a desire to win and didn't care about his opponent. For example if someone had something he wanted he would kill the person and take the thing from him. Hobbes think all humans are equal because all humans can kill others and all humans can be killed by others. This is kind of our situation, they had something we wanted so we betrayed them to get what we wanted.

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