Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Math Blog Post

Math Blog Post
During Math this semester this I learned much more with technology and by using the internet. For example sites like Manga High and Zondle. I think Zondle helped me improve a lot of my math this semester. Manga High made me solve problems faster and helps me be a better problem solver. Also I learned a lot from Manga High. I am a risk-taker in math class. I try new techniques and I learn new things. I also am a risk taker because I try new methods to solve problems and new techniques. I do different problems in different ways of solving to practice more.
My weakness in the core values is responsible. I need to be more responsible in math class. I lose too much time joking around with my friends and I do not get as much work done as if I would work on my own. I also sometimes forget to do my homework and do not turn it in. That is a real set back because then I don't get as much practice as if I would if I had done all of my homework. In order for me to improve in math class I need to do my homework more often because then I will be more prepared for the tests. I need to study more for tests to review the homework and clear all my doubts on math. Last but not least I need to sit by my self and work better during the class time that Ms.Boyd gives us.

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